Keeping Fit

So, here were are in 2018 and another year has gone by since I had my second and last child. I was never one who struggled with my weight or with what I ate. I enjoyed working out and enjoyed dancing and taking care of myself. But it was never ever an issue or the main thought in my life. Ever.

Fast forward to today, I am 18 pounds over my usual weight and my body fat has sky rocketed to an obscene amount. I let myself go and it’s been a struggle to get back to it. It happened very gradually, after my first daughter I bounced right back into shape, literally within weeks I was back at my pre baby weight. But of course with a few percentages more of body fat. Then two years after that, I had my son. Added 5 more pounds and a few more numbers on the body fat. In the span of 7 years, I went from 112 lbs and 17 % body fat to today at 133 lbs and 28% body fat. I have worked out on and off through out the last few years, but never consistently and never with the same hunger that I had before I had children. I am tired, tired of not wanting to wear shorts, tired of hating the way that I look. I started working out again about two months ago doing a mix of at home workouts and going to the gym. But throw in the kids getting sick several times, me getting sick, the holidays, me getting sick again and now my daughter sick with another cold keeping her home from school. It’s been very few times that I’ve actually worked out. That’s the thing, when you’re a parent, life happens. It just does.

I was always able to drop any sugar out of my diet and poof, I’d drop a few pounds. Now I drop sugar and the scale looks at me like “yea ok so what, we’re not budging a half pound”!! But here I am. I am refusing to quit and my plan is to gain muscle and slowly lose some body fat. Hopefully get myself down into the teens of body fat again. And I plan on using this blog to hold myself accountable. Perhaps it’ll keep me honest….

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